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Most investors have the cash to invest but feel late to the game for every investment property they find. Finding the right property before it hits the market seems near impossible which creates a lot of frustration knowing you are losing profit margin to a bidding war. It can seem elusive to find a property that fits your business model, has profit margins that make sense, and is pre-market. 

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We understand the frustration you feel, and the pressure you have to constantly look for the right properties. You shouldn’t have to spend hours out of your day researching properties only to have them fall through or not work out. That’s why we created Private Buyers, so you can leverage our hard work, and deep knowledge of investment real estate to provide you with investment properties that no one else sees first.

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The process is simple. You’ve purchased properties before. Now work with us directly for your investment properties and spend less time searching for a profitable deal and more time doing what matters.

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At Private Buyers, we have a deep understanding of how the real estate world works. Knowing what key identifiers to look out for in a property is a skill we’ve honed for years. We are not realtors looking to make a quick sale. We are investors, helping other investors succeed.
Here’s to your success. 


Private Buyers is exactly what I’ve been looking for as a real estate investor. I used to spend months looking for properties that I knew I could flip for profit. Now I get hand-selected opportunities right to my inbox. 

Dane Nelson

I’m a quick decision-maker. The problem is I used to spend so much time going to showings with my realtor only to end up in a bidding war on offer day. Not anymore with Private Buyers. Best decision I’ve made lately.

Jackie Tens

Finally. I’m making more profit per property on average than my best buys of last year! These opportunities are exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you, Private Buyers.

Brent Elliott

We Match Real Opportunities with Serious Investors. 

We understand that our model might not be for every investor out there. Often your business model or capital restricts you from making quick decisions. To put it bluntly, we’re not looking for tire kickers. We reserve that right because we work hard to provide curated properties with serious profit margins for investors who are ready to take action within minutes of receiving properties. You might be a Private Buyer if you:


  • Are an experienced investor
  • Have the confidence to make quick decisions
  • Have the ability to close on a deal without conditions

There’s a better way to invest.

Stop letting other investors chip away at your profit with public listings and sign up to be a private buyer today. Finally purchase properties on your terms and maximize your hard work and equity.